Make Sure You Are Cleansing Your Eyelashes

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You want to be sure you are taking proper care of your eyelash extensions. If you don't, then they can end up with a build up of dirt and gunk. You may find they don't last you nearly as long either. You can learn more about the importance of washing your eyelashes and other information in this article. 

Why is washing your eyelashes so important?

As mentioned above, cleansing your eyelashes helps prevent a build-up of dirt and grime. Not only can it affect how long you have eyelash extensions, but there can be other problems related with dirty eyelashes. You can end up with inflammation and itchiness. You may find you are constantly wanting to rub and scratch your eyelids. Another problem that can come with not keeping your eyelashes clean is you can develop a condition called blepharitis. 

What is blepharitis?

Blepharitis is the name of a condition that causes inflammation on your eyelids. It is often caused by an excessive amount of bacteria at the base of your eyelashes. The condition can cause itchiness and swelling, as well as the development of crust around the eyes. This condition is often treated with antibiotics. One of the best ways that you can go about preventing the development of this condition is to be sure you are cleansing your eyelashes regularly. You may want to wash your eyelashes more frequently if you wear makeup on a daily basis, to ensure you don't end up with clogged ducts, which is another thing that can lead to the development of this condition. 

How do you properly wash your eyelashes?

Brush between your lashes - You can take the eyelash brush and use it to gently brush away dirt. You want to make sure you are using a very soft brush, so you don't cause any damage to the lashes. 

Use an eyelash cleanser - You want to use an eyelash cleaner, so you cleanse your eyes in a safe, efficient, and gentle manner. Apply the eyelash cleanser to your eyelash cleaning brush. Lather the foam cleaner into your eyelashes gently and work it down to the ends of the eyelashes. Leave the cleaner on your eyelashes for a few seconds and then rinse it off with warm water. Use a clean lint-free towel to carefully dab your eyes. 


Now, you have more information on the importance of keeping your eyelashes clean and the right way to do that. You should purchase the supplies you need, such as the brushes, the cleanser, and a new small-sized lint-free towel if you don't already have one.