How To Choose A Pharmacy

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A healthy lifestyle can help you avoid certain health conditions. However, everyone gets sick from time to time. Some people suffer from chronic conditions due to genetics or past injuries. In these cases, you may need prescription medication to help you get well. Your doctor can write you a prescription, which you can then have filled at any pharmacy. Here are some tips that will help you pick a pharmacy for your prescription needs:

1. Choose a pharmacy that accepts your insurance

Most people have health insurance policies that include drug coverage, which means your insurance policy will cover the cost of your prescription medication. You will likely still owe a copay, but using your health insurance can save you hundreds of dollars over time. To take advantage of these savings, make sure you choose a pharmacy that accepts your health insurance. Many pharmacies list this information on their website, or you can call for more information.

2. Make sure your pharmacy is easily accessible

It may not seem important if you currently pick up medication infrequently, but it's wise to choose a pharmacy that's easily accessible. If you require daily maintenance medication in the future, you'll be happiest with a pharmacy that isn't out of the way. Many pharmacies have several branches in different locations. Choose a pharmacy that's located close to your home or workplace for easy medication pickup.

3. Choose a pharmacy where you're comfortable asking questions

Pharmacists fill prescriptions written by doctors, but that's only part of their job. Pharmacists also act as consultants to patients, telling them vital information about their prescription medication. Your pharmacist will go over your prescription with you, offering the information you'll need to safely take your new medication.

During this time, you should feel free to ask any additional questions you may have. For instance, you may want to know if the supplements and over-the-counter medication you take will interfere with your new prescription. Choose a pharmacy where you feel comfortable with the staff, so you'll be able to ask any question that comes to mind.

4. Look for delivery and pickup options

Picking up your medication shouldn't be a hassle. If you don't want to drop off your prescription and wait for it to be filled, look for a pharmacy that will allow you to call your prescription in. This can help you save time and practice social distancing. Some pharmacies even offer delivery options for patients, which will allow you to get your medication sent straight to your door.