How To Tell If The Pain In Your Butt Should Be Seen By A Doctor

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Hemorrhoids are a fairly common medical problem. In most cases, they can be treated at home, and you will be feeling better in a day or two. However, there are times when hemorrhoids need more than what you can do yourself, and you need to see a doctor. You could make an appointment with your primary care physician and ask for a referral, or you could seek out a gastroenterologist to take care of the problem and keep you healthy. Here are a few times you need to seek medical help when suffering from a pain in the butt.


While external hemorrhoids may bleed when you wipe or because they rub against things if the bleeding continues after a few minutes, you should seek out professional help. When the problem is internal, you should seek out a doctor immediately. Internal hemorrhoids may be bleeding more than you realize. You could have serious internal bleeding that can lead to bigger medical issues or even death. 

Dizzy, Lightheaded, or Nauseous

It is possible to have bleeding internal hemorrhoids but not realize it. The blood is being blocked or is not flowing out of the rectum. Your blood is not going through the circulatory system, and therefore, you are not getting oxygen and nutrients where they are needed. This will cause you to feel sick and/or dizzy. At the first sign of these symptoms, it is important that you get to a doctor as soon as possible, even if it means going to an emergency room. They will stop the bleeding and then set you up with a gastroenterologist to take care of the problem more permanently.


While hemorrhoids can be uncomfortable, they should not cause extreme pain. If you find yourself unable to sit while using a donut, or can't stand or walk without grimacing, it is time to have a doctor check things. He will be able to determine the best course of action for taking care of the problem. 

Depending on how severe the hemorrhoids are, you may need to have them banded or surgically removed. While these may not seem like pleasant solutions, it will save you a lot of future pain. You can then work on taking care of the cause of the hemorrhoids in the first place so you won't have to worry about having them form again. A bit of pain in the butt for a few days is much better than one that lingers or keeps coming back for years.

For more information, contact your local gastroenterology surgeons.