3 Things To Know About Macular Degeneration

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Have you noticed that, when you stare at straight lines, they appear to be wavy? If you are also suffering from blurred vision that seems to be getting worse, you might need to make an appointment to get your eyes examined by an optometrist. It is possible that you are suffering from a condition that is known as macular degeneration. The condition is unable to be cured, but there are ways to reduce the symptoms of it. Take a look at this article to learn a few things about macular degeneration so you will know what to expect if it is diagnosed.

1. The Cause of Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration can develop if the macula in one or both of your eyes begins to deteriorate. The macula is basically an area of the retina that is responsible for helping your central vision be more precise. The retina in general is important because it is the main area of an eye that helps you see. Age is one of the most common reasons for macular degeneration developing, but it can also occur if drusen deposits buildup beneath the retina. Abnormal blood vessels in the retina can also lead to the condition developing.

2. Symptoms That You Might Notice

Other than straight lines being distorted when you stare at them, there are several other symptoms that you can have. For instance, after macular degeneration has been around for awhile, you might notice that your vision gradually becomes blurred. You might also experience the appearance of dark spots when you are staring at objects. In some cases, macular degeneration can lead to you not being able to see colors to the fullest extent. Colors might appear dull, or they might even appear to be a different color than they actually are.

3. Treatment Techniques That Can Be Done

Macular degeneration can be treated based on how much it has progressed, as there is a dry and wet form of the disease. Wet macular degeneration is the most severe form, and it can sometimes be treated with anti-angiogenic medication that prevents abnormal blood vessel leakage. The drug can also prevent new blood vessels from developing and possibly causing more problems to develop. Vitamins can also be used for treating the condition if vision loss is one of the symptoms you are experiencing. Laser therapy and blood vessel surgery are some of the major treatment options that can help with a severe case of macular degeneration.

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