2 Tips To Help Soothe Inflamed Skin After Mohs Surgery

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Having to undergo any type of surgical procedure can make you feel uneasy and overwhelmed. However, when dealing with Mohs surgery, these feelings can be even more extreme. Mohs surgery is usually recommended for skin cancers that are aggressive and are more likely to reoccur. The procedure involves removing layers of skin until all of the cancerous cells have been removed. This process is extremely intensive and can leave your skin feeling inflamed immediately after the surgery. The inflammation will not reduce on its own until your surgical sites begin to fully heal. This can take some time; therefore, there are a few tips that you can use to soothe inflammation during this time.

Apply a Honey Mask to the Inflamed Area

Honey is frequently included in medicinal remedies for coughs and sicknesses because it is a natural anti-inflammatory. While honey is often consumed internally it can also be used to treat external forms of inflammation. You can apply a thin honey mask to the area of your skin that is suffering from inflammation after Mohs surgery. The honey mask can be used by cleansing your skin and using a popsicle stick or q tip to apply a thin layer of honey to the affected area. Keep the honey mask on for at least an hour, then gently rinse with warm water.

Rinse the Area with Aloe Vera

If you are looking for an easy and natural remedy for skin inflammation, then aloe vera gel is your answer. Aloe vera is considered to be the go-to remedy for skin ailments, including inflammation. After your Mohs procedure, you can turn fresh aloe vera gel into a rinse. This rinse can be used to clean and soak the surgical site. An at home rinse can be made by taking freshly peeled aloe vera gel and adding it to a food processor. Add water to the gel in order to thin out the mixture. Blend until smooth and apply the rinse to your surgical site using a clean cloth. Constant use of an aloe vera rinse will help to reduce inflammation within a few days. Therefore, use the rinse in the morning and before bed in order to get the quickest results.

Mohs surgery can be a life-changing solution for skin cancer cells that are more persistent. Waking up to inflamed skin after the procedure can be difficult; therefore, use these tips to help get a handle on the skin inflammation. Contact a business, such as the Dermatology Surgery Center, for more information.