Refuting Some Common Asthma Myths

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Asthma is a fairly common respiratory condition that can have a serious impact on the quality of life of patients. Unfortunately, there are misconceptions that surround asthma, which may cause you to underestimate the seriousness of this condition. If you are under the impression that the following myths are true, you may find it easier to overlook the need to have your symptoms evaluated by a specialist. After you have these notions refuted, you will be a better-informed patient, which may help you to more effectively minimize the effects this condition has on your life.

Myth: Asthma Attacks Are Just Uncomfortable

When you suffer an asthma attack, you may experience difficulty getting enough air because the airways in your lungs can become inflamed and constricted. For minor attacks, this may seem like nothing more than a discomfort, but it is possible for a minor asthma attack to quickly become serious. In fact, particularly severe asthma attacks can cause death if medical assistance is not promptly administered. Due to this threat, it is important to ensure that you keep an emergency inhaler on you at all times so that you can quickly use this medication to help open your air passageways.

Myth: Having Asthma Means You Can't Exercise

Avoiding asthma attacks is a primary goal for many patients. However, this can cause some people to assume that they should always avoid exercise for a fear of putting too much stress on their respiratory system. While it is true that exercise can place increased stress on your respiratory system, failure to get regular exercise can also result in serious health complications. For example, a lack of exercise can further reduce your lung capacity and it can also contribute to heart disease. As a result, patients will need to carefully balance these competing needs. Fortunately, your doctor will be able to evaluate your condition to help you create an exercise routine that will allow you to stay healthy while keeping the risk of experiencing an asthma attack as low as possible.

While there is not a permanent cure for asthma, it is possible for patients to effectively manage the symptoms of this respiratory problem. Therefore, it is important for patients to know that asthma attacks can be extremely dangerous and that it will still be necessary to get regular exercise. By understanding the truth about these notions, regularly consulting with your doctor, and using the proper medication, such as Aerospan RX, you will be better able to enjoy a high quality of life despite this condition.