Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laser Body Sculpting As A Fat Loss Solution

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Do you have extra pockets of fat in your thighs, abdomen or buttocks? One solution which your cosmetic surgeon may propose is laser body contouring. This new and innovative procedure involves making a few small incisions in the area to be treated, and then "melting" the fat with a laser inserted through those incisions. While highly effective for many patients, which treatment is not for everyone, and you should carefully weigh these advantages or disadvantages before committing to it.  

Advantages of Laser Body Contouring

It's quick.

Trying to get rid of your excess fat through diet and exercise might take months or years. Traditional liposuction, even, might require numerous treatments to be effective. Laser body contouring, however, is a very quick solution. The procedure can take as little as an hour to perform. Most patients need only one treatment in any given area of the body.

The recovery time is minimal.

Traditional liposuction often requires an extensive recovery time, but many patients who have laser body sculpting performed are able to return to work the next day. There is typically a small amount of bruising at the treatment site, but the soreness is not anything you should find intolerable and will disappear completely within a few weeks.

Disadvantages of Laser Body Contouring

There is a risk of infection.

You can minimize your risk of infection by working with an experienced cosmetic surgeon who performs this procedure regularly and has had positive reviews from past patients. However, incisions are made to complete the laser treatment, and whenever an incision is made, there is some risk of infection. If you are at an increased risk of infection due to an immune-related condition or prior illness, laser body contouring may not be a safe choice for you.

You may be left with excess skin.

If you intend to have a substantial amount of fat removed from a certain area, the skin in that area will be loose following the procedure. Often, it tightens back up in time, but for a few months, you will have to deal with the saggy look, which can be as embarrassing as the fat deposits themselves. Thus, laser body sculpting is not a good choice if you're hoping to remove a large amount of fat. When smaller amounts are removed, the loose skin is less noticeable and tightens up more quickly.

If you're hoping to tone up a certain area quickly, talk to a local cosmetic surgeon (such as Dr. Robert Fortino Premier Weight Loss Physicians) about laser body sculpting. He or she can tell you more and help you determine if this procedure is a safe and effective choice for your body.