Three Things You Should Know About Your Vision After A Concussion

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If you have suffered from a concussion, you may end up suffering from vision issues both during the time of recovery and after you have recovered. It is quite possible that a medical doctor has told you that you have recovered, but your eyesight may not have. The following are a few things you should know about your vision after a concussion.

You may experience a wide range of vision issues after a concussion

Obvious issues with your vision after a concussion include things such as blurred or double vision, but there are also milder problems. Examples include getting tired when reading or having problems tracking a moving object using only your eyes. In most of these cases, you can still see as well as before, but there still seems to be an issue with your eyes. A comprehensive eye exam may find what the problem is.

You may have vision issues without realizing it

There can be many issues that relate directly to your eyes because of your concussion that you don't even realize. You may experience problems with hand-eye coordination, for example. Intuitively, you may think it is your brain, but it is your vision that has not recovered. Sometimes when you are in a place with lots of colors with various levels of light intensity, it may seem as if your eyes are overwhelmed. There may be no eye pain or headaches associated with this experience, but your eyes may still be affected by the concussion.

You should seek a comprehensive eye examination

The most important thing you should understand about your eyesight after a concussion is that you should seek out vision treatment services. You will be given a complete eye examination that goes far beyond checking how well you can see. There are other tests that will be administered, including a deep look into the back of your eyes. The entire examination is painless, and you will have a better understanding of your vision problem. A plan of treatment can be created to help you improve your eyesight.

Concussions can cause short-term issues with your eyes that are obvious, but you may have eye problems related to your concussion after you have recovered that are not as apparent. These eye problems can be subtle, so you may not be aware that they are related to your eyes or the concussion. Always seek out the services of a vision treatment professional for a comprehensive examination after a concussion to determine if you have related problems with your eyes.