What You Need To Know When Considering Stem Cell Therapy Treatments

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Depending on the condition that you are experiencing, stem cell therapy can be a useful option for providing relief and even reversing the problem. However, this is a relatively cutting edge procedure, and it is normal for potential patients to have some important questions about this type of treatment.

What Types Of Conditions Can Be Treated With Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells are excellent at fostering regeneration of damaged tissue. As a result, this therapy can be excellent for those that have suffered a variety of tissue damage. For example, individuals that suffer from severe arthritis may find that stem cell therapy can provide them with relief as it may help to foster the rejuvenation of the cartilage in the joint or at least slow its degeneration. While stem cell therapy may not be suitable for every type of injury, it is possible for you to be evaluated by a stem cell therapy clinic to determine whether this treatment will be able to address your particular health problems.

Will Stem Cell Therapy Be An Invasive Option?

It is a common preference for patients to avoid invasive medical procedures when it is possible. Luckily, the process of receiving stem cell therapy will be fairly convenient as it will largely consist of receiving a series of injections into the affected area of the body. It should be noted that these injections will need to be received over a period of time. However, each individual will normally be extremely short, and this can greatly reduce the inconvenience that you will experience on days when you are scheduled to receive an injection. It is imperative to avoid missing one of these treatment sessions as this can severely reduce the overall effectiveness of this procedure.

What Is The Source Of The Stem Cells Used For These Therapies?

Individuals will often have a concern as to where the stem cells that are used in this therapy will be obtained. While individuals will most often associate stem cells with fetal tissue, the vast majority of modern stem cell therapies will utilize cells that are extracted from the patient's body. This can be the most efficient and ethical option for obtaining these stem cells while also ensuring that they will be compatible with the patient's unique physiology. Generally, the process of extract stem cells from your body will be about as uncomfortable as having blood drawn. Once these cells are extracted, they can be processed and concentrated before they are injected back into your body.