Have A Lot Of Pain And Veins In Your Legs? Causes Of Varicose Veins And Treatment Options

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If you feel a lot of pain in your legs and see a lot of veins sticking out, you have varicose veins. Not only can these look unsightly, but they can make you feel bad. Below is information about what causes these veins as well as treatment options you have to get rid of them.

Varicose Veins Causes

Varicose veins are caused by damaged or weak vein valves and walls. If you have high blood pressure, this can lead to varicose veins as the pressure from your heart gets into your veins. This can be due to being overweight or obese, having a tumor in your legs, being pregnant, or being constipated. 

Sitting or standing for long periods of time can also lead to varicose veins. This is because your legs will have inadequate blood flow. Varicose veins can also run in the family. 

If you are older, you have a higher risk of varicose veins. This happens because there is more wear and tear in the valves inside the veins. These valves are important as this is what helps with blood flow throughout your veins. 

Varicose Veins Treatment

When you see a doctor and get diagnosed with varicose veins, the doctor may suggest self-care to start with to see if this treats this problem. This can include exercising and losing weight. You should also elevate your legs each day and not stand or sit for long periods. The doctor may suggest that you wear compression stockings throughout each day. These stockings squeeze your legs to help your veins move blood out of your legs. Your doctor will tell you how much compression the stockings should have for your particular situation.

If you have small varicose veins, the doctor may suggest a laser varicose vein procedure. This treatment closes off small varicose veins. The doctor uses a special device to send light waves into the vein. After a few laser treatments you will see the varicose veins completely disappear. This will also work well for spider veins. This is a popular method as no needs or incisions have to be used. 

If you have a lot of varicose veins in your legs, the doctor may suggest a procedure known as sclerotherapy. With this, the doctor uses a needle to inject the veins with a special type of foam. The foam closes up the varicose veins. You will need to continue this treatment for a few weeks until the varicose veins start to fade. 

Talk to your doctor, and they can give you much more information about varicose veins.