3 Ways to Lessen Your Risk of Back Pain When Playing With Your Kids

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If you're frequently around young children, whether they're your own or your nieces or nephews, it can be fun to engage in some physical play. Whether you're play wrestling, giving horseback rides or enjoying other forms of play, you want to ensure that your interactions with the kids don't result in a back injury. If you experience back pain, you should cease playing right away and visit your chiropractor for an adjustment. By using the following techniques, however, you'll ideally be able to enjoy this quality family time without hurting your back.

Crouch Before You Lift

It's easy to view young children as not weighing much, which means that you might be tempted to bend at the waist, reach down and scoop a youngster up with your arms. This example of lifting mechanics uses poor form, however. The strain that your back experiences when it bends and when you lift can easily cause it to be pushed out of alignment, possibly leading to an issue such as bulged disc in your lower back—and a visit to your chiropractor. Remember, children might be light, but they still have the weight to harm your back. Whenever you wish to pick a child up, bend your knees and lower yourself to the ground before picking up the child.

Engage Your Abs During Horseback Rides

Many children love horseback rides, and it's hard to resist enjoying this form of fun with a youngster. However, his or her weight pressed against your back can risk putting it out of alignment. There are a couple approaches to take. Always engage your abdominal muscles; this will add strength to your torso and make your back less susceptible to sagging. Additionally, try to have the child's weight over your hips, rather than in the center of your back. Your hips and backside should be strong enough to support the child's weight.

Keep Your Child Close to Your Body

While it might be tempting to hold a child at arm's length and swing him or her around, doing so can put considerable strain on your back. The farther away you hold weight from your body, the heavier it feels, which could lead to an injury and the need for chiropractic care. If you're holding a child, it's better to keep his or her body close to yours. If the child wants a fun ride, you can simply hold the child close and spin around, rather than extend your arms and hold the child away from your body.

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