Dealing With Transgender Relationship Issues As A Couple: Tips For You

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When you are in a relationship with a person who identifies as transgender, you may find yourself dealing with the usual relationship issues that every couple goes through as well as the completely different issues surrounding being transgender and going through the physical transformation process that leads up to gender confirmation surgery. While this can seem impossible to navigate at times, there are ways to not only get through all of the potential tough times, but to also strengthen your relationship in unexpected ways. Get to know some of the ways that you and your partner can do just that and navigate the challenges of your relationship and the transgender transition.

Be Prepared To Deal With Questions And Doubts From Others

Anytime you are in a romantic relationship, the people in your life will likely have a lot of questions and opinions to share with you. While they may be well-meaning, the opinions and input of other people about your relationship can sometimes actually cause more trouble than good. This is particularly true when you are in what is considered to be an unconventional relationship.

Unless the friends and families of both yourself and your transgender partner are well-ingrained in the LGBT community, you need to be prepared with questions and doubts regarding your relationship. It is important not to let other people get under your skin about the "transgender issue." Decide together how you and your partner will respond to inquiries and concerns and stick to it. If you are prepared and united, then those outside doubts will not seep into your relationship causing trouble or damage.

Consider Going Through Relationship Counseling

There are many changes that occur while a person is transitioning to their rightful gender. These changes are physical, mental, and emotional in nature. Sometimes, it can be hard for a partner to deal with and handle all of these changes along with the person transitioning. This can exacerbate existing problems in the relationship or create new ones.

To help you deal with these issues in a healthy way that will keep your relationship intact and strong, you may want to see a relationship counselor to help guide you. Relationship counseling gives you and your partner an open and safe space to speak your minds and discuss your feelings about your partner and what is happening in the relationship. You will also be given tasks or exercises to try at home to better deal with conflict, communicate with one another, and improve upon your relationship.

Now that you know some of the steps that you can take to deal with transgender relationship issues as a couple, you can be sure that you and your partner remain together and strong throughout the process. Contact a professional like Sharon O'Connell, MA for more information and advice.