Important Reasons To Have Veneers Put On Your Teeth

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Do you feel that your teeth are less than perfect? Are you currently considering visiting your dentist and discussing possible solutions with him or her? You undoubtedly already know that less than pristine teeth can make you feel self-conscious. In contrast, a beautiful smile can certainly help give you a confidence boost. Whatever your reasoning for wanting to improve the way your teeth look, here are some reasons why dental veneers might be just what you're looking for:

No pulling of teeth: Whether through accident or genetics, you may have teeth that are the wrong shape or otherwise can't be helped through orthodontia like simple braces. Once upon a time, your only choice may have been to remove that tooth or teeth and have false teeth added to replace them. Fortunately, modern dentists have more choices. Veneers are backed by your natural teeth, so no pulling and pain will be necessary. While there may be some discomfort when the dentist shapes your tooth so that it can accept the veneers, this discomfort should have a relatively quick recovery time. Unlike tooth pulling, you may not even need any long-term pain medication.

Hide discolored teeth: If your natural tooth color tends towards yellowish-white, you may feel like your teeth aren't attractive even when they're perfectly clean. You may also suffer from tooth discoloration caused by tetracycline, high fever when young or even too much fluoride. As a result, it could be difficult or impossible for your dentist to help bring your teeth to the shade of white that you're wanting. But since veneers cover your natural teeth and conceal them from view, they'll allow you to get much more satisfactory results. Instead of teeth that are gray, yellow, or otherwise discolored, you'll have the beautiful white teeth you've been dreaming about.

They protect your teeth: Porcelain veneers are extremely durable and can protect your natural teeth from a variety of environmental factors. They can help keep your teeth from being worn, chipped or cracked. If you enjoy coffee or tea in the morning, ask your dentist about how stain resistant your veneers will be. Many porcelain veneers are more stain resistant than your natural teeth. This will allow you to enjoy your morning coffee, as well as other potentially staining foods or beverages, without needing to worry about whether or not your teeth will be affected by your choice. 

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