Three Pitfalls To Avoid When Using A Home Teeth Bleaching Kit

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In a bid to save money, many people opt for home teeth bleaching kits instead of getting their teeth whitening needs met completely by a dentist. Rather than pay directly for a teeth whitening session or buy an over-the-counter product like whitening strips, why not get your dentist to make a custom mold of your mouth so that you can use strong chemical bleaching foam? It's just important to remember to avoid these three pitfalls before, during, and after bleaching your teeth.

Smoking Immediately Before And After A Bleaching Session

You shouldn't discount the benefits of teeth bleaching completely just because you smoke. While your final results won't be nearly as spectacular as they would be if you quit, you can nonetheless make real progress. Even if the overall color of your teeth won't change dramatically, the whitening of specific stains that formed as a result of tartar buildup will significantly improve your appearance.

If you decide to bleach your teeth at home while you're still a regular smoker, make sure that you at least abstain from tobacco long as you can--both before and after your bleaching sessions. It's especially important not to smoke immediately after bleaching, as the chemicals you put into your mouth need time to set into your teeth.

Not Putting Enough Foam Onto Your Mold

Since a lot of foam in your mouth can be uncomfortable, you might be tempted to only put a small amount of foam on your mouth mold. But while you may feel that the foam is just as effective because it's still touching all your teeth, it won't be very effective if there isn't enough of it to seep down into the spaces between your gums and tooth roots.

Put as much bleaching foam on your mouth mold as you can hold on it without spilling anything. When you're actually putting the mold in your mouth, remember to bite down hard so that a sufficient amount of the foam spreads to the bottoms of your teeth.

Flossing Too Hard Before Putting Bleaching Foam In Your Mouth

It's obviously important to your dental health that you floss every day. But if you have sensitive gums, flossing too hard can cause cuts and bleeding. If too much bleaching foam finds its way into these cuts, it'll cause both searing pain and lasting chemical burns.

While using a home teeth bleaching kit can be very effective, you'll be responsible for doing the job effectively. Since there's no dentist to direct you while you're actually applying bleaching foam, you need to be knowledgeable to ensure that you're not making any mistakes. Talk to experts like Ahwatukee Foothills Dental for more information.