3 Ways To Prevent Eye Strain While Using The Computer

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Most people spend a great deal of time on the computer, either for work or for leisure. Although not harmful in itself, spending too much time looking at a blank screen can result in a person's feeling strained. This can decrease comfort while looking at a screen and reduce productivity. Luckily, there are a few easy ways that you can reduce the strain that a screen puts on your eyes.

1. Look Slightly Downwards on the Screen 

This is the easiest way to reduce the strain on the eyes. The biggest reason why a screen can cause a person's eyes to have more strain than usual is because it is brighter than other objects and requires our eyes to work harder to identify the images or words. Many computers and laptops are not usable if their screens are not bright, so one way to resolve this issue is to simply look down at the screen, rather than directly at it. The way that you can do this is to adjust the screen of your laptop, your chair height, or your monitor so that you are higher than it. This way, your eyes will be able to interpret the visuals on the screen without being subjected to the screen's full brightness.

2. Reduce Screen Glare

Light reflecting off of the screen can result in glare, which can also put a great deal of stress on your eyes. To avoid this, try to position your laptop or monitor away from uncovered windows that will let in a lot of sun. Another option is to install a screen filter. A screen filter is a layer of material that goes over the screen that still allows the user to see everything that is on the screen, but prevents light from being reflected off of the screen. 

3. Take a Break from the Computer Screen Every Twenty Minutes

This will allow your eyes to rest. Set a timer on your computer to go off every twenty minutes. When it goes off, look away. You can look at the ground, at a book, at the ceiling, anywhere, as long as it is not at a screen. Rest your eyes for about twenty seconds. This will let your eyes adjust and relax. These frequent periods of relaxation are critical to making sure that your eyes do not become strained.

Talk to an eye doctor (such as one from Jacobson Eyecare) for more information about preventing eye strain.