6 Habits You Can Develop Today To Ward Off Carpal Tunnel

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Are you afraid of getting carpal tunnel? Carpel tunnel is a repetitive stress injury; it can occur in anyone who completes repetitive tasks on a regular basis, such as typing. It's also an exceptionally painful malady which can require physical therapy or even surgery to recover from. 

1. Learn How to Touch Type

If you're currently a "hunt and peck" typist, it's likely that you're moving your arms and hands more than  you really need to. You may be hovering your hands over the keyboard rather than resting them and you're probably repeating the same motions with the same fingers over and over. All of these issues can be solved by retraining yourself to touch type.

2. Use A Wrist Rest

You know how most keyboards are tilted gently upwards? This can actually be bad for your wrists unless you have a wrist pad. Ideally, your wrists should be extending as straight as possible from your forearms.

3. Take Scheduled Breaks Every Twenty Minutes

Typing for long periods of time will produce more strain than if you take scheduled breaks. Take a few minutes of time every twenty minutes to stretch and relax. You can use this time to go over your schedule or other work you need to do. 

4. Stretch Your Wrists Regularly

Bring your hands together and then slowly begin to bend back one of your wrists until your wrist resists. Do the same thing for the other side. Now hold your hand out with the palm facing down and bend your hand downwards until you feel resistance. Repeat again with your other hand. Stretching your wrists regularly will reduce tension and pain.

5. Memorize Your Keyboard Commands

Most people know that CTRL+C means "copy," but did you know that CTRL+S normally means save? Or that you can use the "page up" and "page down" buttons on your keyboard to quickly navigate? Every time you move from your keyboard to your mouse, you put additional strain on your elbow. This is why your "mouse" dominant hand, wrist and arm may ache more than your other side. By memorizing keyboard commands, you can reduce the range of motions that you repeat over and over again. 

6. Try Some Voice Commands

There are many software solutions that let you speak simple commands. Voice commands will let you eliminate some motions and will let you rest your arms, wrists and hands when you begin to feel fatigued. Most computers today come with some simple voice recognition already installed.

If you already have pain in your wrists or elbows, you should speak with a doctor. It's possible that you already have carpal tunnel, which means that you'll need carpal tunnel therapy to recover. 

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