Three Benefits Of Chiropractic Care For Newborns And Infants

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If you've had chiropractic adjustments, you know the benefits of working out all the kinks. But did you know that chiropractors can also help newborn babies after months of being confined in the womb and the birth process?

Chiropractic care is all about fixing subluxations, or areas that block proper function of the entire nervous system. Sometimes, the birth process can shift spinal bones or impact the nervous system and lead to these subluxations.

Now, before you picture the doctor laying baby out on a table and cracking his back, understand that chiropractic care for infants is much gentler and more subtle than most adult treatments. The amount of pressure used is about how much pressure you would use to comfortably press on your eye. Benefits can range from better sleep to less fussiness and a stronger immune system. Three main benefits for infants can be started immediately.

1. Ease of breastfeeding.

According to a 2009 study of 114 infants conducted at Bournemouth University in the UK, chiropractic care was able to reduce breastfeeding problems caused by cervical posterior joint dysfunction (back problems), temporomandibular joint imbalance (jaw problems) and inadequate suck reflex. After two to five treatments, 78 percent of the babies in the study were able to exclusively breastfeed.

If you are having trouble with your baby latching correctly, it may have roots in central nervous system imbalances. Talk to your pediatrician and chiropractor to determine a treatment routine that can help.

2. Reduction in ear infections.

Ear infections can be overwhelmingly painful for baby and lead to sleeplessness, fussiness and cold symptoms.

Chiropractic adjustments to the skull and neck can help the middle ear to drain. Chronic ear infections usually mean that the middle ear is full of fluid; not only can that lead to prolonged infection, but it can cause muffled hearing that can lead to speech delays and other issues.

3. A more comfortable baby.

Adjusting the spine and hips can keep baby in alignment and help him or her to grow properly. A baby's spine stretches 50 percent in the first year of life, so making sure that the spine is in best possible condition allows proper, symmetrical growth.

The most common question parents have about chiropractic care is: "Is it safe?" In order to make sure your appointments are as smooth, safe and effective as possible, choose a chiropractor with experience working with infants and children. In most cases, you will hold the baby or your provider will gently cradle the baby while checking and adjusting the spine. Be sure to ask if you have questions about your baby's care.

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